3D Mind Map: CogSpace

CogSpace is a 3D representation of the Mind Map I set out to make - and is made out a little more professionally, of course. The Graph plots various aspects of Cognitive Science in one of the 8 quadrants formed by three Cartesian axes. The axes themselves are made out of "Psychology, Anthropology, Neuroscience, Computer Science, Philosophy, and Linguistics as dual pair terminal points." For the uninitiated, it also gives brief summary of each point (representing a sub-genre) and how it contributes to the collective whole.

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You may also checkout the formative research paper HERE and the blog post HERE.


Cognitive Science Mindmap


As you must be aware, a Mind Maps, developed by Tony Buzan, is an holistic way of learning and understanding a subject. It involves using the Right Brain, resulting in a better overview and gives a creative new insight to the subject matter at hand.

I've designed a mind-map trying to integrate the various branches of cognitive science/s, pointing out the nuances and scope of each sub-field. Please feel free to point out corrections or suggestions. Alternately, you may download the original MindMap HERE (.mm format), modify it and mail it across to me, and I would upload the revised version here.