Recommended Movie: Possible Worlds

I came across an excellent movie last night, called Possible Worlds. Although over a decade old, it is rated only 7, by a mere 900 people on IMDb (link HERE). But I'd definitely give it an 8.0 for the overall experience and 9.0 for the concept alone! Its one of those movies that'll test your fundamental beliefs about existence. Though its ultimately Sci-fi, it has got elements of Neuroscience, dreams, parallel universes, mind control and meaning of life, all packed together! That being said, it could definitely have been portrayed a little better.

I would admit it was difficult to grasp entirely what the movie was about, and unsurprisingly, people on the internet were rather clueless too. With some insight and after reading a few independent reviews, I finally pieced together the concepts and formed my interpretation.

So I'd definitely recommend you to watch the movie first, and if you can't quite put the pieces together, I invite you to read my movie interpretation. Please leave a comment if you have some added insight or criticism.

Torrent link to the movie: (Warning: Piracy!)

And here is my interpretation: (Warning: Contains spoilers!)